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    Houston, Texas

    With the success of the U.S. National Martial Arts Tournament in September, 2006, I am proud to announce that we will host the Houston International Martial Arts Championships which will be held on August 3 – 5, 2007. We will offer martial arts athletes the opportunity to participate inover 50 separate events, ranging from beginner to advanced experience levels and divisions from Junior Kids starting at 6 years of age to Adult Senior Taiji Executives ages 60 and above. Besides Chinese martial arts, we will have separate competition divisions in Taekwondo and Karate forms, weapons and point sparring. We will also have visiting teams from China and Japan to compete in the Houston International Martial Arts Championships. 

          In order to promote the quality of international martial arts throughout the competing community, nationally and worldwide, I will offer Grand Champion Cash Prizes in the following divisions Adult Advanced Internal, Adult Advanced External, Junior Advanced Internal, Junior Advanced External, Adult Black Belt Tae kwon do, Adult Black Belt Karate and Sanshou . Please see our website for the Grand Championships qualification rules and cash prizes ranging from $300 00- $500.00. 

          The 2007 Houston International Martial Arts Championships will be held in the Stafford Centre, conveniently located in southwest Houston. The Comfort Suites will be the host hotel for our out of town competitors and judges. Grandmasters and Master’s seminars will also be held at the Comfort Suites and the Stafford Centre August 3 and 5. We will also feature a Martial Arts Vendors Festival to service our competitors’ families, friends and guest. I want to make you have a wonderful and memorable experience at our Championships. 

          In the spirit of promoting goodwill and unity among the international martial arts community, we hope you will join us at the Houston International Martial Arts Championships. I look forward toseeing you soon. 

    Sincerely Yours,

    Cheng Jin Cai

    President, USA Chen Tai Chi Federation 
    Founder, International Chen Style Tai Chi Development Center
    Tournament Promoter/Chairman

    19th Generation Grandmaster of Chen Style Taijiquan

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