What is ShuaijiaoNation.com?

We’re a group of collaborators, martial arts enthusiasts, and normal everyday people that work a nine to five that want to help promote and inform people on shuaijiao related things.

Why do you exists?

Because no other resource  as comprehensive as  ours exists in the world.  We are the first and only resource right now and we’re trying to make it better every day.   Being good isn’t good enough for us.  You can read more about us on our missions statement page.

Is this a formal and official organization?

No, we are as formal as a group of friends that go out to drink every week or whenever is convenient.  We have no official authority over anything in the U.S. or at the international level.   The only thing we really do is bring everyone together and build relationships with schools, masters, and practitioners around the world.

How do I sign up?

You don’t have to sign up for anything.  All the information on this website is free and available to use by the community.  Just don’t infringe on any copyright’ed information.

Shuai what? How do you spell and pronounce this martial art?

Accepted Mandarin pinyin translation: “shuaijiao”.  Pronunciation.  Shuaijiao shouldn’t be capitalized unless it is used as a pronoun.  Same with basketball, you don’t type “Basketball” with a capital “B”.  The most common spelling seen  in the U.S. and abroad is shuai-chiao.  This is because of the Wade-Giles translation from Taiwan many decades ago. Technically, all translations are correct but pinyin is generally the most accepted since the turn of the twenty first century.  Other seen translations: swai jiao, shuaichiao(incorrect), shuai-jiao(incorrect). Shuaijiao should always be one word and not shuai-jiao or shuai jiao.  According to pinyin rules, if you hyphenation or separate words, they themselves are the meaning.  So “shuai” means fall, and “jiao” means fall. If you type “shuai jiao”, you are actually typing “fall fall”.  “Shuaijiao” as one word together means the sports of Chinese wrestling.

The most confusing now is the Chinese characters. You have 摔角 which is the old Chinese way of writing it.  The new way is 摔跤.  General wrestling is 摔交.  They are all pronounced the same, the only difference being the intonation of the second character.

Our’s is spelled incorrectly, should we change it to shuaijiao?

Yes and no. It really doesn’t matter. The only thing you should keep in mind is that the world learns Mandarin using pinyin. So shuaijiao would be the most and best recognized.

This looks like judo, why should I train shuaijaio instead of judo?

Shuaijiao has many practical self-defense aspects.  Judo is more of a sport, which is what it was originally intended for (this is fact). The predecessors of judo are formal martial arts.  Shuaijiao focuses on stand up grappling and take downs.  There are many intricacies taught in shuaijiao that aren’t taught in judo.  The only thing that shuaijiao doesn’t have is formal ground techniques.  There are ground techniques but not as complicated as Judo.  I would say if you can train in both that would be great.  Out of all my years of meeting cross trainers of shuaijiao and judo I’ve never heard a judo fighter say that shuaijiao made them a worse thrower.

Where do you get your content?

Magic fairyland.

Who writes and publishes all this stuff for the website?

Mostly me, Emeric. We have an author page with a full list of contributors.

Where did you get your incredibly awesome and comprehensive  list for your school directory?

Hard work, blood, sweat, and tears. If you take from my list please link to our page. Thanks.

I want to be a contributor and write articles too! What do I have to do to get into your organization?

Practice, train, or teach shuaijiao. Anyone can contribute if you really want to.  If you have an article or story idea, contact us by email or the contacts page and send it over. If we like it we’ll invite you to our authors and contributors page and give you an official account.  It’s that simple.

Your site looks cool, can you make a website for my school too?

Yes. Yes I can. Contact me for more info.