Our Mission

Based out of the heart of Silicon Valley in the San Francisco Bay Area, ShuaijiaoNation.com brings the art of Shuaijiao into the 21st century by using technology as one of our core competencies.  ShuaiJiaoNation.com is a site dedicated to the sophisticated yet elegant art of Shuaijiao. One of our main goals here is to bring the worldwide Shuaijiao community together even if it means one country or one person at a time.  As our site continues to develop and grow, our hopes is that our audience will grow as well.  Here is our mission statement as of January 21st, 2013:

Our mission is to be the premier global source for all information related to Shuaijiao. We want to organize and provide a comprehensive database and make it easily accessible. We also want to improve standards of competition and self-defense while promoting a fun and safe environment.

Our ultimate vision is to create an internationally unified Shuaijiao community. We want to build a sustainable foundation so that the art of Shuaijiao can be preserved and passed down through endless generations to come. We seek to find and create new ideas through innovation and philanthropy in order to expand and spread the art as far as we can reach. We hope to continue to progress the art without compromising its core values and fundamental goals.

Through this site, our hope is that the general audience will get a better understanding of Shuaijiao as an efficient combative technique, a highly competitive sport, and a good physical workout to help maintain a balanced lifestyle. We are doing this for the love of Shuaijiao and for the unitization of the international community through the dilution and elimination of all artificial barriers and political issues within the community.

Our offer to the community: As part of our dedication towards the building of our Shuaijiao community, SJNation.com will be accepting requests, from qualified Shuaijiao schools, to build and design a website, to help establish proper social media outlets, and to offer optional free web-hosting from our dedicated servers. Our designers only offer top quality professional designs. Message us through our contact’s page for more information or questions.