Behind the Scenes at Black Belt Magazine with David Lin
By on Sun, Apr 07, 2013

From BlackBeltLLC: David Chee-Kai Lin is one of the most quiet personalities in the kung fu community, but he’s also one of the most accomplished. His early training reads like a chapter out of a martial arts novel and his current teachings on the finer points of combat shuai chiao are just as amazing.

When shuai chiao expert David C.K. Lin was little, he often watched other kids get bullied — and it infuriated him.

While frequently interceding on behalf of the underdog, Lin gravitated toward throwing techniques and found himself yearning for shuai chiao training to bolster his fighting skill.

And now, decades later, he is an expert in the Chinese grappling art and has gone from defending kids against bullies to throwing 200 policemen in rotation.


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