Friends Enjoy the Las Vegas ICMAC 2011 | Recap
By on Wed, Aug 29, 2012

friends-icmac-lv-2010It’s always a long time before I get to see my friends from Los Angeles again.  This is a picture of a few of us during the awards ceremony at the 2011 Las Vegas International Chinese Martial Arts Championships hosted by Nick Scrima.  From left to right, Emeric(me, 3rd), Sudan Jeffers(1st), Philip Chen(2nd), and Dr. Daniel Weng (awarding judge).

A semi-complete background story about our journey… After I graduated from college I moved to Temple City, California.  I was looking to get back into shuaijiao and I found a school literally 1 mile away from where I was living.  There was initially no website, pictures, or address listed.  Just a random number on a random site I stumbled upon.  I decided to call the number after one of my work nights and a lady picked up and started speaking mandarin.  Luckily I studied a little so I started spurting out questions in broken Chinese to see what the info and the deal was with the school.  After about 30 min of talking with her and describing who I was, along with my background, I decided to check the place out early on the following Saturday morning.  This is where I met Coach He Guanda.  He is an authentic Beijing style shuaijiao coach, the first I’ve ever met.  Even though there were only about 6 people in the class I felt like a newborn hawk pushing wind under my wings for the first time.  One of those students was Philip Chen.  We trained and sparred with each other constantly for a few weeks.  Feeling a new source of excitement in my life, I embraced a new found passion for shuaijiao which motivated and gave me the idea to create a website dedicated to shuaijiao,  After a few weeks of training with them, I decided to post the school on a martial arts forum in order to see if I could help get more students.  Following the post a random person contacted me and asked about the coach and the class.  He described himself as a teacher in another form of kungfu with different experiences and I was thinking either he’s full of shit or this would be amazing for our school to add another student.  He failed to show up the first week which disapointed me but later he emailed saying something came up and he would show up for one of the following classes.  I wasn’t holding my breath but soon enough a humble looking man walking in with the confidence of a tiger entered our little school.  His name is Sudan Jeffers.   On the first day the coach decided it would be a good idea to spar around even though Sudan was completely new to the martial art.  To no surprise Sudan wasn’t good and failed to throw anyone with a pretty technique but I felt that he had the strength and fighting spirit within him to become a decent contender in the future.  The three of us along with Philip’s brother Alan continued to train every Saturday for almost a year until I decided to move out of LA to go back to San Jose.  I had an idea to continue to help give them enormous amounts of shuaijiao training techniques and workouts by posting videos on my website but I failed on my end and I never found a way to do it efficiently(until now of course…).  I did my best to keep in contact with them while I started training in San Jose again and through a random occurrence of events the ICMAC decided to start hosting shuaijiao tournaments in Las Vegas.  Forwarding to the point that the photo was taken, this was our 3rd meeting together at the ICMAC and Sudan, finally winning first place for the first time, decided to escalate the joyous occasion with the picture above.   And the rest is history…



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